September 2015 archive

Sep 28

Animals don`t like drones.

Animals don`t like drones. Click here for the video that proves it.

Sep 27

Look mama, fishies.

Here fishy fishy…

Sep 27

Colin Furze Underground Bunker. Part 3.

Colin Furze is gonna build a new underground bunker in his garden. Click here for part 3.

Sep 27 Congratulations with the proposed referendum.

Sep 26

South Park Where my Country Gone

New South Park episode : Where my country gone.  Click here for the video.

Sep 26

Kitty massage

Sep 25

2cellos Smells like teen spirit.

Best Cello players ever. Check this out.

Sep 25

New “even apeldoorn bellen”

New commercial of dutch insurance company calles “even apeldoorn bellen”

Sep 25

Some days…..

Sep 25

Angry Birds the movie. (Trailer)

For the Angry Birds lovers : Trailer : Angry Birds the Movies.