January 2016 archive

Jan 31

Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez – HOME

Click here fot the beach couple of the year.  

Jan 31

Drone Racing, the new sport of the future ?

Pretty cool sight. Click here for the race.

Jan 31

If google was a guy (5)

Back with more Google searches showing just how dumb we are. Click here for the most absurd searches.

Jan 27

Remi Gaillard (Animal Planet)

Let the animals rule…  

Jan 25

Squirrels A Mission Impossible !

Click here for the annoying birdseed thief.

Jan 25

Wintry Scenes After a Freezing Week

A record-setting blizzard blanketed much of the American East Coast in snow over the weekend, and parts of China have been experiencing weeks of bone-chilling temperatures, freezing rivers and waterfalls. The weather has caused serious problems, but it also brought many out to play, and others to photograph the snowball fights, sleds, and the beauty …

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Jan 25

How to make fire. ( silent version :))

You never know if you might need it. Click here for the video manual.

Jan 24

Snowboarding in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) — YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat took advantage of the extreme conditions in New York City to do something crazy! Neistat hooked up to a Jeep to go snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan, including Times Square, much to the surprise of many onlookers. Click here for the video.  

Jan 24

Ray Jessel – The Penis Song Audition

Ray Jessel – The Penis Song Audition Click here for the audition.

Jan 19

Geraldine en Kim ( dutch celebrities) in a photoshoot for Linda ( Magazine).

  Click here for more ( NSFW alert!!)