Category: WTF

Jan 09

Lamborghini fording the flood San Diego River 01-05-2016

It might as well have been a submarine…  () amazingly it doesn`t shut off. ). Click here for the video.

Jan 09

Faulty fireworks in street in Bremen ( Germany).

A group of friends witness massive mortar shell fireworks explode while still on the ground during a New Years celebration. Click here for the video.

Dec 01

230mm italian Cylinder Shell – Fireworks

230mm italian Cylinder Shell – Bomba da Tiro (Stutata, Controbomba, Controcolpo) [Full HD] Click here for the video.

Nov 24

Lightning STRIKE!

STRIKE !!!  Click here for the video.

Nov 22

The Fourth Phase | TEASER (4k) | From the Makers of The Art of FLIGHT

The innovators behind the “The Art of FLIGHT,” Red Bull Media House in association with Brain Farm Cinema, provide a peek into iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s highly-anticipated return in “The Fourth Phase.” The film’s teaser marks the first glimpse into the project, which began production in 2013 and has been kept tightly under wraps until …

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Nov 09

Well, thats a good role model mom.

Oct 20

Inappropriate Halloween Costume ISIS

Lad Turns Up To Halloween Party In Inappropriate Costume 

Oct 15

Is that suppose to happen ?

Never fun to watch the engine covers blown off during takeoff.  ( the landed safely) Click here for the video.

Nov 08

En bedankt azijnzeikers.

Oct 29

Killer Todler Prank

Ff je zoontje optuigen om vervolgens volwassenen de stuipen op het lijf te jagen. Heerlijk.