Category: Fun

Dec 14

Year in search 2017: Google

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Nov 17

Breakup pranks apps.

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Nov 15

Audi holiday camping parking war.

The holidays are here, which means it’s time for a trip to a truly magical place — the mall. Watch as two Audi Sport drivers let the spirit of the season take the wheel for a ride to remember. Click here for the video.

Jul 24

Remi Gaillard hates tourists

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Jun 30

Photoshow removal request gone haywire

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Jun 30

Jumanji 2017

New jumanji movie looks quite amazing. Check here on link.

May 31

Whatsapp created God.

May 08

How to tie your shoelaces faster.

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May 08

Measuring boobs.

May 01

Buy my Vitara

That`s quitte an amazing way to sel your car 🙂 Click here for the ad.