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The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest

Underwater Photographer of the Year, 2017 – Dancing Octopus. In the lagoon of Mayotte, during spring low tides, there is very little water on the flats. Only 30 cm in fact. That’s when I took this picture. I had to get as close as possible to the dome to create this effect. The 14 mm is …

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Flying Around the World in a Solar Powered Plane

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International Migratory Bird Day

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Wintry Scenes After a Freezing Week

A record-setting blizzard blanketed much of the American East Coast in snow over the weekend, and parts of China have been experiencing weeks of bone-chilling temperatures, freezing rivers and waterfalls. The weather has caused serious problems, but it also brought many out to play, and others to photograph the snowball fights, sleds, and the beauty …

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A Year in Space 2015.

This is the spectacular view afforded to astronauts onboard the International Space Station.The stunning images, taken from the ISS over the course of 2015, offer the ultimate birds-eye view perspective of our planet. The astronauts captured everything from the beauty of New York at night to the northern lights shining above Scandinavia. They also recorded dramatic weather events, including typhoons, Cyclone Bansi illuminated by lightning and storms swirling over …

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Winners of the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest

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25 Totally Cool Drone Photos

25 Totally Cool Drone Photos Click here for the gallery.

Christmas Trees Around The World

Christmas Trees Around The World Click here for the gallery.

FHM quits and sends a farewell video into the world.

FHM 1985 – 2015 Click here for the video.

13 Hilarious Winners Of This Year’s Comedy Wildlife Awards

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