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Drone Racing, the new sport of the future ?

Pretty cool sight. Click here for the race.

If google was a guy (5)

Back with more Google searches showing just how dumb we are. Click here for the most absurd searches.

Remi Gaillard (Animal Planet)

Let the animals rule…  

How to make fire. ( silent version :))

You never know if you might need it. Click here for the video manual.

Snowboarding in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) — YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat took advantage of the extreme conditions in New York City to do something crazy! Neistat hooked up to a Jeep to go snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan, including Times Square, much to the surprise of many onlookers. Click here for the video.  

Men Feel Breast Implants For The First Time

First they asked the dudes what they thought of breasts in general. And then they were off! They didn’t seem to like the watery noises of the 325 saline model too much. Click here for the test.

People are Awesome 2015

People are Awesome 2015 – ULTIMATE DevinSuperTramp Edition! Click here for the video.

Guy is feeling lonely on christmas so he invites all his ex girlfriends in 1 whatsapp group.

Fireworks Over Lima, Peru

Spectacular drone video of fireworks over Lima during New Year. Click here for the video.

Bear Grylls with Obama .

Running Wild with Bear Grylls President Barack Obama HDTV Full episode here!